Brothers in Arms has been one of Gameloft’s more popular franchises, and it has also been a while since we’ve seen a new game in the series. That changed this afternoon. Brothers in Arms 3 has landed on the Play Store and it looks just as good as we’d expected.

Back in June, we ran a piece that covered 6 Mobile Games we were looking forward to this year. Last week, we finally got Scrolls and this week we’re getting Brothers in Arms 3. Those familiar with the last couple of mobile installments will have no problem getting down and dirty in the third as they battle with the brothers in this 3rd person shooter.

Brothers in Arms 3 brings cover-based gameplay to the masses as you’ll have to duck and cover to keep from ending up on a stretcher. The missions come in bite-sized doses that reward you on how well you perform, and you’ll use those rewards to upgrade your little soldiers as you progress through the game. Rinse and repeat.

We have only been able to spend a few minutes with Brothers in Arms 3, but so far… so good. The game looks gorgeous and runs like a scalded dog on an old Galaxy S3, so it’s going to look great if you have a high-end handset. It is most definitely freemium, but it’s a game you’ll want to check out if you like shooters or enjoyed the previous games in the series. You can pick up Gameloft’s Brothers in Arms 3 for free on Google Play if you’re ready to give it a whirl.

Brothers in Arms 3