It’s safe to say we live in a celebrity obsessed culture these days, and while it was a surprise to see the Kim Kardashian game arrive, the amount of money it has made doesn’t surprise us at all. Last week, Lindsay Lohan got in on the mobile fame game with Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame. After spending some time with the Price of Fame game, we’re back to give you the skinny.lilo.priceoffame

Fun fact… Space Inch is the developer of Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame, and one of the lead dev’s in the company is actually a bit of a celebrity as well – Andy Ross from OK Go. As for the game itself, if you think it’s a Kim K. clone you’d be wrong as it’s actually Make It Rain: Love of Money in disguise. It’s also quite a bit of fun.

Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame is a swipe-based affair that has you swipe the screen in an upwards motion to gain fans. The more you swipe, the more fans you get and this allows you to buy upgrades and fully immerse yourself in the Hollyweird experience. Price of Fame may sound a bit shallow and it should, as the game doesn’t take itself seriously. You’ll quickly find that out when you purchase your first butt cheek implant.

Your Fan earnings can be used to upgrade your character in Price of Fame, and said character is also customizable. Once you a set number of fans, you can tweak your celeb a bit, but those upgrades will cost you just like everything else in the Price of Fame game. The price of fame isn’t cheap, and neither are the upgrades. You can get them through swiping, but that’s going to come at the cost of your dog-tired digits. Everything has a price in Lilo’s world.

The upgrades in Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame are broken down into four sections with Publicity Investments, Conspicuous Consumption, Your Entourage, and Supercharge. You’ll get different perks depending on what you buy from each category and there is a lot to choose from. each one is a bit wackier than the next, and they all fit the celebrity lifestyle perfectly.

An Ice Sculpture can get you an extra 100 fans per swipe, but if you buy your own galaxy… well, let’s just say you won’t have to worry about popularity anymore. The Three Fake Biebers are extremely handy for when you’re offline, and if you just want to get some quick fame you can sell pics of your kids, ghostwrite a rap album or have an elevator fight.

There isn’t a lot going on in Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame aside from swiping and the occasional spin on the Wheel of Scandal. That said, if you dig swipe-based games like Make it Rain, you’ll get a kick out of Price of Fame. It’s well-done, and a fun poke at our celebrity obsessed culture – there’s definitely more than meets the eye to Price of Fame if you read between the lines.

If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame for free on Google Play. It’s quite a bit of fun, and it’s better than watching E!.

Lindsay Lohan’s Price of Fame