Normally around this time we would do an “Android” game of the week. This week is a bit different as a game a lot of people have been waiting for has finally arrived. It goes by the name of Scrolls, and it is now available to download on PC, Mac… and Android. It’s also our game of the week.

If you have gamed at all in the past 5-6 years, you have heard of Minecraft. Scrolls is another game from the company behind that mega-hit and there are no blocks involved in this one. Instead, you’ll get a turn-based battler involving scrolls. Those scrolls are actually cards which makes the Scrolls game one of the more interesting CCG’s of the year.

Scrolls takes place on a battlefield where you’ll have to destroy the opposing players five idols. You play “Scrolls” on the board, and they consist of spells, enchantments, structures, and creatures of course. As you’d expect, there is an element of strategy involved and there is also crafting because everyone loves crafting. There’s also something called Judgment Mode you may want to look into if you like things hardcore.

We weren’t able to spend much time with Scrolls today, but we definitely like what we’ve seen so far. We think you’ll like it as well, especially if you dig CCG’s and love a game with some depth. Scrolls is available to download for PC, Mac and Android tablets, but there’s been no firm release date on the iOS port at this time.