If you have been around Slimgamer recently, then you will have most likely have seen a little bit about Tiny Necromancer. It is a new indie arcade game that can be installed for iOS, and it is something that really quite impressed me in my first review of the game. The developer behind the project has been actively listening to the feedback from players, and this has lead him to release a new patch that feature a few changes that I’m pretty excited about. I’ll talk a little bit about the changes below.

Improved jumping


The first change to the Tiny Necromancer patch is an improvement to the jumping – back when Super Mario 3 was released, the jumping was admittedly not perfect, but Nintendo didn’t have the technology to patch any fixes to the jumping. The same story happened with Tiny Necromancer, however the developer did have the chance to fix it up.

If you noticed any jumps that were particularly hard to complete before, they should be a little easier to do now.

Larger controls


This is perhaps the most important chance in the latest Tiny Necromancer patch. In 1.0, the controls in Tiny Necromancer were unnecessarily small. In fact, playing on a device like the iPhone 5 was almost impossible because the directional controls were so small. Luckily, their size has now been increased, but not to a size that makes it become a nuisance for players. If you found the controls frustrating before, I think you’ll be happy to see the new changes.

Difficulty Tweak


The developer has stated that he’d like Tiny Necromancer to remain a difficult, challenging game, but there are still a few areas that need a bit of tweaking. In the Tiny Necromancer patch for 1.1, a few changes were made to some especially difficult areas to make gameplay just a tiny bit more forgiving.

If you are interested in checking out this game, you can view our review here, or download it for free from iTunes here.