Our overall verdict "Good"

If you ever dreamed of Sackboy paying a visit to your mobile without the magic of remote play, you had to be thrilled when Sony dropped Run Sackboy! Run. We were just as happy, and after spending some time with Sackboy, we’re back with our Run Sackboy! Run review.

Run Sackboy! Run is an autorunner set in the wild world of Little Big Planet. If you’re familiar with the series, you know just how wacky that world is and Sony has done an excellent job of bringing it to our mobiles. Thankfully, the game isn’t just all smoke and mirrors as Run Sackboy! Run has plenty of substance and style.


When you fire up Run Sackboy! Run, little Sackboy will starting running. The controls are easy to pick up on whether you’ve played an endless runner or are new to the genre. You basically jump, dodge things, bounce on enemies heads, and can do a little dash move to help clear gaps. Your run is over when you hit an enemy or a hazard, but you can bring Sackboy back if you happen to have a ‘Save me Heart’ on hand.

Run Sackboy! Run may only have three areas to speed though, but there’s plenty of depth as you can take multiple routes each time. You probably notice a few new things each time out as its not like you get to slow down to take in the scenery. As it’s a Little Big Planet game, you can expect loads of unlockables and a few fun surprises along the way.


By the numbers, Run Sackboy! Run has 9 costumes, 72 stickers, 15 upgrades, and 40 mission levels. The stickers go into a Sticker Album and you’ll get prizes for them whenever you complete a set of four. As for the costumes, there aren’t many of them at the moment and they are quite expensive. Those and a handful of upgrades and ‘Lucky Chests’ can be purchased with bubbles collected during a run, everything else is an IAP.


There was a time when Endless Runners were the most popular types of games in the Play Store. That may not be the case these days, but Run Sackboy! Run is one of the better ones we’ve seen this year. It is also a bit of an oddball as Sackboy Run is more than a typical tie-in game to promote Little Big Planet 3, but not quite a full-fledged runner like some of its brethren.

Run Sackboy! Run is a game fans of LBP will enjoy and it’s a good casual runner for kids or adults as well. Just keep the IAP’s in mind and the limited selection of pricey costumes and you’ll be in for a good time. If you’re ready to give it a whirl, you can pick up Run Sackboy! Run on Google Play for free.

Run Sackboy! Run