Atlus USA recently released some teaser screenshots for their upcoming adult, romantic thriller game from the makers of Persona. In the press release, Atlus USA jokingly denied having released any new trailers or screenshots, but shortly after gave fans what they wanted.  “You can’t believe every little rumor you hear out there on the internets,” stated Crystal Murray, Atlus PR Specialist. “The internet’s a big series of tubes, and sometimes when everyone’s trying to download their emails at the same time, some of the stuff goes into the wrong tube.”  Catherine is due out this Summer 2011. Check out the official site at  With that, check out the screenshots below :





Serph-image120 Serph-image133

Serph-image142 Serph-image145

Serph-image25 Serph-image31

Serph-image46 Serph-image51

Serph-image54 Serph-image73

Serph-image90 Serph-image89