Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Kingdom Rush was one of our favorite Tower Defense games when it was released, and their latest game, Kingdom Rush Origins, just touched down last week. After spending countless hours upgrading towers and cursing at the screen, we’re back with our Kingdom Rush Origins review.

Kingdom Rush Origins is Tower Defense at its finest and purest form. You simply need to place your towers, handle your upgrades, and hope you’ve still got some health left when that last wave rolls through. That is usually easier said than done as Origins is just as tough as its predecessors.

The gameplay basically stays the same in Kingdom Rush Origins, but there’s a bit more of a fantasy feel to things this time around with Elves, giant Spiders and various other mythical beings. There are plenty of new heroes, villains and beasts in Origins – the Harasser and Ettin will probably leave you infuriated early on in the game, and it just gets tougher from there.


Any great TD Game has to have awesome towers, and Kingdom Rush Origins definitely has those. There are only four base towers, but the upgrade trees are expansive there’s plenty to keep you busy. There are 18 tower “abilities” and a slew of upgrades to tinker with in your Hero Room as well. Origins offers up nine playable heroes, and you’re looking at around 30 upgrades between the towers and hero spells.

Sometimes gamers cry out for change in a popular franchise, and other times just rolling out a solid update will satisfy the masses. Kingdom Rush Origins doesn’t bring anything groundbreaking to the series, but it’s just as fun as the previous two games, and nobody can complain about getting loads of new units and abilities.


The only downside to Origins is the fact you only get three heroes and the rest can only be had through individual IAP’s. It’s nothing new to the series, but always a bit of a downer. That said, you don’t need them to finish the game, and there’s enough content to keep you busy for ages. If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up Iron Hide Game Studios Kingdom Rush Origins for free on Google Play.

Kingdom Rush Origins