Our overall verdict "Good"

There are certain categories within the arcade genre that get remade again and again, and as an app reviewer it can sometimes be a bit tiring to see the same concepts being thrown out over and over. Take Candy Crush for example, King and many other developers have made thousands of games that follow all of the mechanics within Candy Crush, and this lack of imagination is killing the app store.

Luckily, there are games out there that are created from the sparks of an app developer’s imagination, and when these are seen, they really impress me, even if their concept is incredibly simple. This is where I’d place Captain Tom – it is an arcade with a very simple set of game rules, it doesn’t have much content, but it’s unique, and that’s what makes it worth checking out.


In Captain Tom, you must steer a plane as you dodge birds in the sky – this kind of ‘swipe to dodge’ gameplay has been seen many times on the app store, but the way the developer of this game has presented it is quite new to me.

As you fly the plane, a spot light is being shined into the night sky. The catch here is that you can only see the birds you need to dodge when the spot light is shining on them. This means that players must be ready to move quickly, as you will only have a short time between when you notice the birds and when you have to dodge them to avoid hitting into them.


As you can expect, hitting into any bird will end the game, but dodging a bird will award you with a point – the objective of Captain Tom is to get as many points as possible by dodging birds consistently

There aren’t any powerups or progressional levels, so it’s very down to Earth and simple, but at times I believe that this is the best approach. There are small banner ads at the top of the screen in Captain Tom, but there are no in-app purchases, so the game is pretty much free to play.

If you are interested in trying out Captain Tom for yourself, you can download it for free by visiting the iOS store listing for it.