It has been an interesting couple of weeks for the minds behind Monument Valley. They finally dropped new levels for the puzzler courtesy of the Forgotten Shores expansion on iOS and Amazon, before releasing another small expansion yesterday for iOS as part of the RED campaign against AIDS. If you own an Android device and have been waiting for Forgotten Shores to roll onto Google Play, your wait is finally over.

The Forgotten Shores expansion first hit the App Store where it was met with a warm welcome by most. Some felt that it should be free as the original game was short, and flooded the App Stores with 1-star reviews which in turn made UsTwo sad…

The Forgotten Shores expansion finally arrived on Google Play yesterday, and the fallout doesn’t appear to be nearly as bad thankfully. A quick look at the reviews show some users have downgraded their original scores, but not to the extreme which is nice to see. Either way, there are eight new chapters in Forgotten Shores, and it’s well worth the IAP if you enjoyed the original levels.

The other new piece of content for Monument Valley comes in the form of Ida’s RED Dream for the RED campaign on iTunes. The campaign donates proceeds to help the fight against AIDS, and there is a lot of exclusive RED content on the App Store tied into the campaign. It’s for a good cause, and you can check out all the games here.  For the moment, you can only play the RED chapter on iOS although it “could” find its way to Android as a charity add-on of sorts sometime down the road.

If you haven’t played the original chapters of Monument Valley there’s no time like the present, and you can pick it up for $3.99 on Google Play, Amazon or the App Store.