It’s always a good time whenever a new Humble Mobile Bundle arrives, but today we got a treat in the form of the Humble Crescent Moon Bundle. Yup, it’s a bundle full of Crescent Moon Games finest, and it’s bringing four new games to Android.

The Humble Crescent Moon Bundle is absolutely huge, and packed to the brim with value and gaming goodness. There are already 10 games included in the bundle with more coming soon, with four of the titles appearing on Android for the very first time. If folks are generous and the totals grow, there could be an additional 7 games added to as well.

For the minimum price, you will receive a funky FPS by the name of Neon Shadow and a fan favorite in Ravensword: Shadowlands. Two new games are included as well with 2-bit Cowboy and Space Chicks Premium. Both are platform games, but one is retro while the other is physics-based and involves chickens.

If you pay over the average in the Humble Crescent Moon Bundle, you’ll get Topic World Builder, Shadow Blade, Mines of Mars, and Blocky Roads Premium. You will also unlock any additional games that are added next week, and all “unlockable” bonus content as well. Anyone that donates $8 bucks or more will get the other two Android debuts in The Deer God and Exiles: Far Colony. Both are in Alpha and both look very, very cool.

It’s safe to say, if you enjoy a good Android game the Humble Crescent Moon Bundle is one you won’t want to miss. Crescent Moon Games titles generally aren’t cheap (by mobile standards), and every game in the bundle is a rock solid. We’ll have some reviews up on a few of the new games next week, until then we highly advise you to go grab the Humble Crescent Moon Bundle.

Humble Crescent Moon Bundle