Our overall verdict "Excellent"

The Light Gun Arcade games of yesterday may be a thing of the past, but nobody told isTom Games that. They dev’s dropped a new arcade shooter for Android last week, and after spending plenty of time blasting bad guys with our finger, we’re back with our Mad Bullets Review.

If you own an iOS device, you may have played or come across a Mad Bullets review on the web. The game was released on the App Store back in July, and now that the Android port has arrived gamers can go to battle in the Old West. As you’d expect, there’s no light gun this time around, but your finger is a fine substitute if you’re quick enough…

mad bullets

Mad Bullets is a rail-shooter that takes you through a town in the Old West where you’ll be confronted by bandits at every turn. You’ll also have to rescue a few damsels in distress, and you can accomplish all this with the digit of your choice. The on-screen controls are as simple as it gets which is exactly what you want from a game of this nature.

People (and animals) appear at random from every direction imaginable, and if they are highlighted in Red, you’ll want to take them down. If it’s green, let them pass and if you see a lock, you can shoot it off to set that prisoner free. Everything else you see is fair game. Whether it’s a chicken, pumpkin, crate, glass or flying bullet or bird – you can shoot it and it’s awesome. Just don’t shoot the green folk or get hit by too many incoming projectiles or it’s game over.


Normally this is where we’d do a “by the numbers” but there are no levels to speak of in Mad Bullets as it’s all one continuous ride. There are a number of power-ups and perks you can purchase from the shop using sacks earned in-game, and some (life stars, magazine size) will definitely come in handy. Rounding things out is a goal/reward system, daily rewards, and five different modes of play.


It took a while to get around to our Mad Bullets review, but it’s a game I’m happy to have stumbled across as it’s a love letter to those Arcade Shooters of old. You have to love the cardboard Old West backdrop, and it’s just as action-packed as you’d expect. As for the freemium angle, it’s there but you certainly don’t have to pay to play. You may have to eventually pay to “revive” but you won’t have to spend a dime unless you want to.

Mad Bullets is all about the action, and you literally can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second. It is a game you’ll most definitely want to check out if you dig old-school shooters, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Mad Bullets