Our overall verdict "Good"

I’ve never personally thought that knitting would be a fun way to pass the time, but Knituma has shown me that it can be enjoyable, at least in this game, that is.

Knituma is an arcade game that requires you to connect up balls of yarn as they are thrown towards the center of the screen. In a similar fashion to Fruit Ninja, the yarn balls will not stop at the edge of the screen, and will continue to fly out of view, so you will need to swipe them as they pass the center of the display.


Unlike in Fruit Ninja, you will need to connect up yarn balls by swiping between each ball on the screen – swiping together more will award you more points in Knituma, and the end goal, like many other mobile arcade games, is to try to gain the highest score possible.

Whilst the main method of gaining this score is through connecting up the yarn balls, you can also complete missions such connecting a total length of wool together, or adding time to the timer by matching up enough balls of wool.


On top of trying to earn score, you must avoid hitting obstacles such as the flying bomb balls, and you can also gain various powerups by swiping them as they pass as well. Another interesting mechanic in this game is the sharp objects mechanic – these fly past and have a chance of breaking your current collected wool, which pushes players to restart their swipes more often.

The graphics in Knituma are pretty decent given the genre it is based upon, and the user interfaces and menus are very easy to navigate.

You can download Knituma for free here.