The Tower Defense genre was insanely popular a couple of years back, and while it still has its moments, great TD games are few and far between. The Kingdom Rush games are the exception to the rule, and the latest game in the series has just arrived for mobiles. Get ready to clear up some free time for Kingdom Rush Origins.


The Kingdom Rush series has won fans, and awards, worldwide with its classic gameplay and quirky cast of characters. Kingdom Rush Origins takes players back to the beginning and drops you into a mythical land full of elves, druids and giant spiders. The gameplay and layout stay the same but there are a slew of new additions this time around.

Kingdom Rush Origins starts you out with four types of towers, but brings eight new tower upgrades into play, and those towers will have over 18 abilities. Like enemies? Well, there are 30 new ones in Origins including new bosses. If you’ve played the previous games, you already know how tough some of those guys can be. Throw in some equipment, nine legendary heroes, and over 70 achievements and you’ve got one of the best new TD games around.

kingdom rush origins

If you are a fan of the Kingdom Rush games or are just looking for a rock solid new TD to try, you’ve found it with Kingdom Rush Origins. We haven’t had much time to spend with the game yet, but you can expect a full review before Turkey Day rolls around. If you’re ready to kill your weekend, you can hit up the links below to pick up Ironhide Game Studios Kingdom Rush Origins. There is no free version available at this time, but it’s well worth a couple of bucks even if they do throw an IAP or two into the game.

Kingdom Rush Origins  –  Android,  iOS