Our overall verdict "Excellent"


I am a huge fan of 8-bit platformer games, so when I heard about Tiny Necromancer, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. After playing it for a couple of hours, I have to say that this game has a lot of potential, and it’s a really good way to pass the time. If you enjoy games like Super Mario Bros or Kirby, then I think you’ll like this title.

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Tiny Necromancer was created by solo developer Tobias Helsing and he has done a great job at keeping his game true to what it means to be an 8-bit arcade game. The title is filled with all sorts of 8-bit sounds, and the graphics, although simple, are very unique and fit very well with the concept of the game.

The backstory behind Tine Necromancer follows a small evil magician as he sets out  on a quest to become the evilest necromancer of all time. Unlike games like Mario that focus on a well-mannered protagonist, this game instead allows you to summon your inner evil, and the level environment really does make the game feel like it has been based in a world filled with evil.

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Because of this, there is a lot of evil to fight, and many great levels to get through before players can even think about completing the game. Currently there are 24 levels, with boss fights being featured at every 6th stage. The boss fights really mix things up a bit and they give you something to look forward to as you play through the levels in between.

It seems that the developer is planning more levels for the future, but for now, the 24 stages currently in-game can all be played without spending a single penny.

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If you are interested in checking out Tiny Necromancer, you can visit the App Store page for the game.