Every once in a while its fun to take a look back at some great mobile games that have been popular, but possibly become lost in the shuffle. It’s also a great way to introduce new Android users to some excellent titles. For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re going to take a look at a puzzler with a strong little bug called Beyond Ynth.

Beyond Ynth is a puzzling platformer of sorts that puts you in the role of Kribl, a little big one a quest to find some Dazzly Diamonds. There’s a fun storyline to follow, but Ynth is all about boxes so that’s where we’ll start. Each level drops our buggy hero onto a landscape where you simply need to get to the finish line. You’ll do this through boxes and brute bug strength.

beyond ynth

When Kribl crawls into a box, he can push it by moving up against any wall. This is how you’ll get about for the most part, and there are buttons on either side of the screen that allow you to walk, jump and rewind. Yup, you can scroll the action back a bit if you get stuck and it’s as handy it sounds. Moving the boxes (or moving outside them) isn’t nearly as easy though as you can get squashed by falling acorns or freeze to death in the snow. Kribl is strong, but he’s not frost proof… or fire proof.

Beyond Ynth offers us over 80 levels of fun with voice acting, and hand-draw illustrations throughout. It’s a tough little game, and depending on your skill level, you’re looking at around 12-15 hours of gameplay. The graphics are easy on the eyes, and the theme song is very catchy – be careful or it will become stuck in your head. Besides being awesome, the game has also been updated frequently and now has Android TV support. You’ll need a gamepad, but it’s an HD game so it will look great on the big screen.

beyond ynth

Beyond Ynth was a blast when it was released, and it’s just as fun today whether you’re new to the world of Ynth or have visited the world before. There isn’t a free version, but there is Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition which gives you a handful of levels for free to let you experience the game. If you’re looking for a great puzzler, you’ve found it with Beyond Ynth and you can pick it up for $2.99 on Google Play.

Beyond Ynth