When you think of Madfinger Games, you generally think of Samurai II, Dead Trigger or Shadowgun. Model building doesn’t come to mind, but that’s the genre they’ve dipped their fingers in with the MONZO digital model app. The game-app lets you build models just like a lot of folks did as kids, and it’s almost as cool as it sounds…

If you’ve ever laid hands on a plastic model kit, you’ll have no problem getting down to business with the MONZO digital model app. When you first fire it up, you’ll take a tutorial that walks you through putting together a vehicle, and the way you go about it is simple but cool. As you’d expect, MONZO is a drag-and-drop game so you simply need to drag the proper part to its place. The parts are laid out on the right side of the screen, and there’s a manual on the left you follow as well.


There’s where the trouble starts for MONZO as you use a guide, and can’t just scroll through parts at random. You can pinch-zoom, pan and rotate until you are blue in the face, but you have to follow the book. Once you’re done assembling your creation it’s off to the paint shop where you can spray your vehicle and decorate it with some decals just like you would a real model.

A game about models has to have a lot of them to make it worthwhile, and the MONZO digital model app doesn’t disappoint in this area. There are around 27 different model kits in the shop, 7 paint sets, and 15 sets of stickers. There is also a Da Vinci and Steamboat Engine bundles that offers up several sets for one price. As for those prices, they are staggering as kits run from $0.99 for a 76 piece Catapult Bow to $9.99 for an 115 piece Panther Tank. That’s a lot to pay for a digital model kit, especially when you can breeze through one in a matter of minutes.


The MONZO app is one of the cooler concepts we’ve seen, but it is definitely geared towards in-app purchases and in-store purchase as well. Every digital model kit has a link to Amazon where it can be purchased, and you only get one model to try for free before its time to pay. Very disappointing, and you even have to pay a buck each for the paint sets.

A game or app like MONZO digital model is difficult to price and monetize, but they could have went the Let’s Create! Pottery route and really knocked it out of the park. As it stands, MONZO is just a “cool concept” that’s worth a look and little more unless you are really, really into models.