It’s Thursday, and if you’re an Android gamer that’s generally when the new games drop. It takes Google ages to update the Play Store at times, but new releases like Angry Birds Transformers and Smash Champs are slowly rolling in. The folks at Squeenix are getting in on the release day action this week as well by bringing the console classic Secret of Mana to Android.


If you owned an SNES back in the day, you probably played Secret of Mana or at least knew someone who had it. We all had that friend that wouldn’t pull out the RPG cart when you wanted to play a little Killer Instinct – it happens. Flashbacks aside, the Secret of Mana is one of the more beloved RPG’s of that bygone era, and it’s widely considering a classic. Now you can play that classic on your favorite Android smartphone or tablet.

We haven’t given Secret of Mana for Android a test run, but the “Ring Command” setup is present and accounted for. You’ll get two on-screen buttons for actions, and a virtual d-pad to move about the world on your quest to juice up the Mana sword. Thankfully, the Play Store description mentions controller support so you won’t be stuck with big on-screen buttons. It’s especially good news considering the Android TV boxes are coming soon, and Mana would be an obvious choice for a big screen adventure.


To say Square Enix created some classics would be an understatement, and it’s always great to see another one of their games make the jump to mobiles. They aren’t cheap, but you know what you’re getting with a Squeenix game, so ‘nuff said. If you want to take the Android port of Secret of Mana for a spin, you can pick it up for $9.00 on Google Play.

Secret of Mana