Rovio let a lot of folks down when they decided to release Angry Birds Transformers onto the App Store, and left Android gamers in the dark. Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside down as Angry Birds Transformers for Android has just arrived on the Play Store.

If you thought Angry Birds Transformers would be just another generic movie tie-in for the horrid new Transformers movie that dropped earlier this year, you would be wrong. Rovio has put together an 80s style shooter of sorts, and they have morphed the birds and piggies into our favorite robots in disguise perfectly.

angry birds transformers

The gameplay consists of auto “running” through the stages while you blast piggies off their platforms by tapping the screen. Just like in Angry Birds, ice is brittle, woods a bit tougher, and TNT explodes. You’ll use this to your advantage as you zip through the levels sending piggies airborne and into the drink.

We haven’t had much time to spend with Angry Birds Transformers, but there seems to be quite a bit of depth to the game. You obviously start out as Optimus, but can unlock other robobirds by playing and popping piggies. There will be plenty of heroes and villians to unlock, and as it’s the transformers, you can actually transform into several different vehicles. Throw in character upgrades, achievement, and Rovio’s usual extras and you’ve got yourself a hell of a game.


Angry Birds Transformers takes you back to the days when life was simpler, and cartoons… real cartoons ruled the airwaves every Saturday morning. A few minutes into the game you’ll realize it’s a love letter to the 80s, and the world is a better place for it – if you dig the decade. As an 80s baby that grew up on the Transformers, rest assured there will be a full review of Angry Birds Transformers for Android this weekend. Until then, I highly advise you to check this one out, just don’t go in expecting a typical AB game.

Angry Birds Transformers