It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from Kairosoft, but that may soon change. Several new Kairosoft games have just shown up on Google Play, and we’ve managed to dig up not one, but two new games thus far.

Whenever Kairosoft releases a Japanese version of a game onto the Play Store, an English version usually follows anywhere from 2-3 weeksk2 to a couple of months. Getting information out of the company in regards to their English ports is damn near impossible, but we’re guessing we’ll see at least one of the new Kairosoft games before the holidays roll around.

As for the games, everything is in Japanese so you’ll have to deal with some rough translations. First up is an Animation Studio Story, where just like Game Dev and several other office based games, you’re tasked with running an animation studio. Should be a good time, and it’s a Kairosoft game a lot of folks have been itching to get their hands on. Worst translation from the market description would have to be, “It is allowed to appear in the works “department you want to lover”.

The second new Kairosoft game looks to be a mall or store management game of sorts. I’m actually clueless on this one as it mentions shops, burgers and a shopping street. We shall call this one Strip Mall Story for the time being. Except this one to follow Kairosoft’s sim management formula where you’ll build and stock shops, etc… etc…

Both of the new Kairosoft games showed up earlier this month, so we’re sticking to our guestimate of the release date coming before Christmas. There’s also another game that we didn’t notice before that seems to be a management sim involving games. It’s been out at least a month or longer, and that’s all we know. Well, that and the fact a Play Store comment compared it to Puzzles and Dragons which is interesting to say the least.  If you can read Japanese or are just really hardcore, you can pick up the two new Kairosoft games at the links below.

Animation Studio Story

Strip Mall Story