Bulkypix is one of the more varied developers/publishers out there, and they’ve always produced some interesting games. Their latest game, Zombie Commando, is arriving just in time for Halloween and it involves teams of pixely heroes and hordes of zombies.

Zombie Commando has all the makings of a successful zombie game. You’ve got a cast full of zany characters, unique character classes, and boatloads of zombies in different parts of the globe. They are pixelated zombies similar to the ones in Infectonator, but that’s where the similarities end unfortunately. There are plenty of zombies, but Infectonator it is not.


Teamwork is supposed to be the mechanism behind Zombie Commando as you’re tasked with putting together a “team” to take on a variety of missions. Therein lies the rub, as the game feels more like a sim than an actual game. You can’t control solo members, they all move in a pack and attack automatically. Actually, they only attack when you stop moving so you basically move to an enemy, let them attack, and back up a bit if you take too much damage while your ranged units deal out some death.

By the numbers, Zombie Commando offers up 15 playable classes, 50 levels, and 18 different types of zombies. The game is broken down into 5 chapters with a boss for each chapter, and more levels listed as coming soon. You’ll also get some achievements to shoot for to go along with the old 3-star levels setup.


Zombie Commando isn’t a bad game, but the pixel graphics are the star of the show as the gameplay is a bit dull. There are some traps, switches and various hazards thrown in to trip you up, but it just wasn’t quite what we thought going in. It may be worth a look if you really dig pixelated zombies or very simple games, otherwise you’ll probably want to pass this one up. No demo is available at this time, but the full version of Zombie Commando can be yours for $3.42.

Zombie Commando