Adult Swim games are generally a lot of fun – everyone loves Robot Unicorn, and we were big fans of Amateur Surgeon 3. AS dropped a new Android game over the weekend with Adventure Xpress, and it’s a freemium matching game jewel poppers should enjoy.adventure-xpress-1

PikPok teamed up with the folks at Adult Swim Games for Adventure Xpress, and it’s a quirky match-3 puzzler with a bit of a storyline. It’s mainly about matching runes though, and if you’ve played a match-3 game of any sort, you’ll have on problem getting down to business with Adventure Xpress.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward in Adventure Xpress, but there several interesting twists. You can move/swap runes without having to actually make a match. This is handy for lining up combos, but allows the enemy to attack. Yup, it’s a turn-based match-3 game of sorts, and the runes all represent different elements. The playing field also varies throughout the game so you’ll encounter frozen blocks, chains and other stumbling blocks.

The minds behind Adventure Xpress have thrown in some RPG elements for good measure, so adventure.xpress-1you’ll be able to upgrade your hero and cast a few spells. There are also around 275 battle locations, and each has multiple foes. You’ll get a handful of spells, 20 weapons and 10 pieces of armor – it’s a match-3 game with some depth, and they’ve done a great job with the game as a whole.

I’m not one that usually goes for these types of games, but I’ve had a good time with Adventure Xpress thus far. It’s a good game to play in bursts or for hours, and while there are IAP’s, you don’t have to buy anything unless you want to improve your gear a bit quicker. Adventure Xpress is simple enough for anyone to play, and it’s a puzzler we highly recommend. You can pick up Adventure Xpress for free on Google Play.

Adventure Xpress