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If you’ve gone anywhere near an emulator in your life, you’ll know that the topic is covered with all sorts of legal grey areas that leave consumers and manufacturers struggling for clarification. However, when it comes to Nintendo, who are notorious for pushing against usage of their assets, it seems very hard for any emulators for their consoles to even stay online.

One such emulator is N4DSiOS for iPhone and iPad – this emulator offers players the chance to play DS roms on iOS, and for a long time it has been under fire by Nintendo. In fact, it has hit the app store twice in it’s life time, and has since been removed twice.

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Recently though, N4DSiOS by iEmulators has been put back up online, and those interested can download the app by visiting the iEmulators website.

Unfortunately you will need to jailbreak your device to install N4DSiOs, and if the emulator gets pulled by Nintendo again, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it make it online a fourth time.

If you are interested in playing DS games on your iPhone, I would suggest picking up the emulator as quickly as possible before Nintendo strike again. There are many roms out there that are compatible with this emulator, so once you have it downloaded you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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It’s unfortunate that laws for emulators are so shoddy at this point in time, and it would be nice if more emphasis was put into what we can and can’t do so this kind of legal trouble would never have to happen.

If you are interested in trying out the N4DSiOS DS emulator for yourself, you can check it out by going to the iEmulators website. A link for this website has been provided in the source link shown below.