Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Gladiator games have generally done pretty well on Android, but aren’t too many great ones out there. Featherweight’s Enterchained isn’t your typical gladiator game, but it is a unique button masher you may want to check out.

Enterchained drops you in the middle of an arena where you’ll fight until you drop. How long this takes depends on your skill as the combatants come at you in waves. It also depends on the gladiator that’s shackled to your leg…

enterchained The twist in Entertained is the fact that you have to fight with another gladiator attached to your leg with a chain. They chain ensures they follow you wherever you go, and the chain is actually helpful as it allows you to trip your enemies. Once your foe is down, you’ll want to end it quickly or you might find yourself looking at a game over screen. On the downside, it’s a little difficult to fight with a dead gladiator cuffed to one leg. enterchained4 You can control your little gladiator with an on-screen directional pad, and there are just three buttons to deal with. Attack is self-explanatory, and once you get them down, you’ll want to tap execute so you or your enterchained friend can take them out. The throw button can come in extremely handy as it allows you to chuck your sword. Use it with caution though – you have to retrieve it once you’ve flung it into an enemy. If you or your teammate happen to fall, you can revive each other – if you both go down it’s game over. Enterchained is an “endless” type of game so we’re unsure how many waves you have to get through to finish things out. There are a slew of challenges that allow you to unlock new shields, swords and helmets, and there’s not an IAP in sight. You get what you pay for with the game, and everything can be unlocked through simply playing the game. enterchained-2 In a nutshell, Enterchained is a fairly simple combat-based button masher, but it’s an absolute blast if you dig those types of games. The art style is reminiscent of Simon and the Land of Chalk Drawings (with lots of gore), and there seems to be plenty of depth in the unlockables department. Enterchained is well worth a download, and it will only set you back $0.99 on Google Play. Enterchained