The Humble Mobile Bundle 9 dropped last week, and it was a dandy with the likes of Out There and Leo’s Fortune. As always, the bundle expanded this week and two new Android games have been added to the fold.

First up, is a game simply called “Mountain” by David O’Reilly. The Play Store classifies this one as an RPG, but it’s actually a Mountain simulator of sorts. Don’t act surprised, we just saw Goat Simulator drop a few weeks back. Mountain is one of those games that really isn’t a game in the typical sense of the word although you will get to collect and organize random objects and enjoy the weather. You can also check yourself out from outer space because Mountains…

The second new addition to the Humble Mobile Bundle 9 is called So Long, Oregon from Captain Games. If you played or read our review of Desert Golf, you’re familiar with the developer and their knack for creating some funky games. So Long, Oregon is no different as it’s a comedic take on the classic Oregon Trail game and you’re headed to find the lost city of El Dorado instead of Oregon. There’s plenty of dysentery to go around, and the terrain will be a little rougher than you remember.

If you haven’t already picked up the Humble Mobile Bundle 9, you’ve still got around 6 days to do so. If you’ve already purchased the bundle, Mountain and So Long, Oregon will already be ready to do. The current price of the bundle is $3.38 so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Humble Mobile Bundle 9