Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Old-school RPG’s are aplenty on the Play Store, but we guarantee you’ve never played anything quite like Weapons throwing RPG from the Yuika Project. It’s weapon throwing madness in a retro wrapper, and it’s one of the coolest games we’ve played in quite some time.

weapons throwing rpg

Weapons throwing RPG takes place on Yusdaril, and there’s a bit of a storyline to follow involving floating cities and an evil empire. Your team of adventurers is tasked with vanquishing evil, and they’re going to do it one blade at a time. Weapons throwing RPG is all about bladed weaponry, and strategy, not skill is required when it comes time to throw them.

weapons throwing rpg review

When a battle starts in Weapons throwing RPG, you don’t have much time to think as weapons instantly start heading your way. When you throw a weapon it serves as your attack, and your defense as you can block the incoming weapons if you launch one on the same trajectory. That said, your weapon can only defeat the incoming one it its durability is higher. As for the trajectories, axes go high, daggers fly straight and low while swords come down the middle.


Every time you chuck a weapon, you’ll lose “Battle Points” which thankfully recharge on their own. Each stage has 4-5 opponents including a boss, and the stage ends when you beat the big bad or lose all your HP. There’s plenty of loot to be had from winning, and there are plenty of places to spend it in the land of Yusdaril.

When you’re not fighting “sorties” you can fight in the arena or gear up in town. The town has a slew of shops and some are self-explanatory like the Weapons, Goods, and Armor shops. The Pawnshop lets you sell your old gear while the Blacksmith let you level up your weapons. You can also do this through fighting, but spending money will unlock your blade’s special abilities a bit quicker.

weapons throwing RPG

By the numbers, Weapons throwing RPG offers up over a dozen different weapons and types of armor, and six different characters with unique jobs and abilities. As mentioned, the weapons are upgradable, and each one has two bonus powers. There are also 19 pets to collect (the mini mummy is awesome) and an Exchange where you can trade in your hard earned jewels for very helpful items. I’m not sure of the level count at this time, but I’m at around 54 at the time of this writing.



Weapons throwing RPG is one of the most perfect throwbacks I’ve played in years. The music, graphics and premise are as old-school as it gets, and you will be impressed at the depth in this little game. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s free, and there’s not an in-app purchase in sight. I haven’t experience any IAP’s thus far, and the only “playwall” of sorts is an energy-based setup. That said, you can top that off with gems, and they are easy to get.

I highly recommend Hisayo Kanda’s Weapons throwing RPG if you grew up playing classic RPG’s, and are looking for something a bit different. It’s well worth a download, and you can pick it up on Google Play or the App Store for free.