If you’ve ever wanted to chuck an 8-bit weapon at an enemy in an video game you are not alone. Seriously… the developers behind Weapons Throwing RPG believe that’s what every game longs for, and they aim to deliver with their new Android game.

weapons thrower RPG

Weapons Throwing RPG is one of those games like “Cut the Rope” where the title says it all. The graphics and music are definitely old-school, but the gameplay is something we don’t’ think you’ve seen before. When a battle starts, the weapons start flying and you can either block or attack your foe. This depends on the trajectory of the weapons as well as the weapons themselves, and the combat works in sort of a Rock-Paper-Scissors fashion.

Combat is just the tip of the iceberg in Weapons Throwing RPG. There’s a town full of shops to visit, you can upgrade your equipment, change weapons, and even duke it out in the arena. There’s a lot going on in the Sky Islands, and you will spend a lot of time bouncing back and forth between sorties and the town. We don’t have a count on the weapons or levels yet, but there are six different characters to use and each has their own jobs and abilities. Did we mention the combat pets?


Weapons Throwing RPG is just as cool as it sounds, and while it’s far from perfect, it’s unique and an absolute blast to play. The Yuika Project put the game out last month, and there have been several updates since so there’s a good chance Weapons Throwing RPG won’t turn into abandonware anytime soon.

It’s not going to be a game for everyone, but you’ll fall head over heels for WT RPG if you dig this style of game. We highly recommend this one, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Weapons Throwing RPG