Some Android games can be completed in minutes while others will keep you busy for ages. Fast Finger from BluBox Games is a new twitch game with levels that only take seconds to finish – if your digits are fast enough…

As the name implies, Fast Finger is a game about having nimble fingers as the goal of the game is to make it through each level as quickly as possible. To do this you’ll have to trace a patch through a maze, and you only need to get to the finish line to end the stage. It is not as simple as it sounds considering the world of Fast Finger is filled with danger, and mazes generally don’t run in a straight line.

fast finger game

Everything in Fast Finger basically kill you. If you hit a wall or an obstacle, you’re toast and have to start the stage again. As you progress through the game, things get considerable tougher as rockets, moving saw blades, and various other hazards will slow you down or do you in. Thankfully, there is an array of power-ups to give you an assist including shields. You’ll need them as your lives are limited and regenerate over time (1 per minute) unless you buy a refill or watch a quick video.

By the numbers, Fast Finger offers up 240 mazes, leaderboards, challenges, and a slew of trophies and achievements. The levels are spread across 6 chapters, and you can’t skip through so you’ll have to make your way to the final finish line the old fashioned way. There are also unlockable “trails” which is what your finger leaves behind in the maze. At this time, there are 29 of them at the moment and they range from butterflies and bubbles to rainbows and confetti.

As for the IAP’s, you can buy a VIP package for $4.99 that kills the ads, gives  you unlimited lives and throws in some power-ups along with a special trail. You can unlock some trials individually or as a package while others become available through achievements. Last but not least, you can get a full refill at any time for $0.99 or buy unlimited lives outright for $3.99.


Fast Fingers is a great time killer with loads of depth and replay value. It’s tough as nails, and a could use a few tweaks here and there, but overall it’s a solid puzzler that anyone can enjoy. There’s definitely a freemium feel to things, but you can kill the banner ad and pick up the VIP pack if you dig the game. If you’re ready to put your skills and patience to the test, you can pick up Fast Fingers from Google Play for free.

Fast Fingers