Our overall verdict "Excellent"

MyNBA2K15 is 2K games newest mobile title, and it’s a game we briefly talked about earlier in the week. After spending countless hours in exhibition matches building up our team, we’re back with a quick MyNBA2K15 review.

Card-based games have blown up in the app stores, and MyNBA2K15 is a CCG set in the universe of the My NBA 2K15National Basketball Association. Just like with WWE SuperCard, your goal in 2K15 is to put together the best roster possible using basketball cards. The gameplay stays the same, but there are a few cool additions in MyNBA2K15.

All games are played by selecting a member of your team to go up against a random member from your opponents roster. It’s kind of a rock-paper-scissors thing as the best stats win each match, and when you win three matches you take the game. It can be pushed into overtime, so you will definitely want to put your best five players on the roster. If you win the game, you’ll get to choose two cards randomly, and if you lose you’ll just get one.

The Card Catalog says there are around 1,039 cards in MyNBA2K1, but each card has an “evolved” or Pro version which puts the actual number at 500+. There is a breakdown of cards by team in the catalog, and Legends are included although some notable names were missing. I have seen Jordan, Julius Erving, James Worthy and good old Detlef Schrempf. I did not see Larry Legend or Magic, but I was thrilled to see Muggsy Bogues and Grandmama on the Hornets roster.

MyNBA2K15 Review

As for the gameplay, the exhibition and tournament formats are back in MyNBA2K15, but instead of a tourney you’ll run a full NBA season. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as you’ll be playing 82 games, and it’s going to take around 5-6 days in real time. This is partly due to the way games are setup as you get a chance to adjust your lineup between matches. Word of advice… don’t start a tourney until you have a good team as they take forever.mynba2k-15

The overall layout of MyNBA2K15 is similar to SuperCard with a few tweaks. The main new addition you’ll notice is actually the only one you can’t access – the auction house. It’s listed as “coming soon” and if it’s anything like the Auction setup in Madden, it will be a mini-game unto itself. You can also sync up to your console version to do some in-game stuff and earn extra swag. This feature wasn’t tested, but it would definitely be handy if you own 2K15 on a console.



I hate to say it again, but MyNBA2K15 is WWE SuperCard in basketball format. It’s a good thing for once as SuperCard is a blast and the same can be said for the 2K15. My only gripe is with the season setup as it take far too long to complete a season. It’s something they can easily adjust, and I can’t imagine anyone will gripe about being able to get their reward (or change their roster) a bit faster.

Overall, it’s a solid CCG/Basketball game that’s well worth a download if you like either of those things. If you dig both, you’ll be in hardwood heaven. You can pick up MyNBA2K15 for free on Google Play if you want to give it a whirl.