The Humble Mobile Bundle 9 has just rolled out to fill all your mobile gaming needs. Yup, it’s bundle time again, and this is one that you really won’t want to miss…


It’s always great to see a new Humble Bundle arrive, but let’s face it, some are better than others. We’ve seen quite a few regurgitated titles this year, and while it’s to be expected, everyone loves new deals. The Humble Mobile Bundle 9 certainly has that, and the first three games in the bundle are Bardbarian: Golden Axe Edition, Neuroshima Hex and Syberia. Not too shabby eh?


As always, if you pay above the average, you get more games. This time around those extras are First Strike, Out There, and Leo’s Fortune. We haven’t played first strike, but Leo’s Fortune is awesome and you can find out what we thought about Out There in our review from back in February. More games will be added next week, and there’s an added bonus this time around in the form of Devil’s Attorney.


As someone who’s covered damn near every Android bundle that’s been released, in my opinion, the Humble Mobile Bundle 9 is the best one we’ve seen in a while. There’s a lot of variety, and the games are top-notch across the board. If you’ve been pinching pennies looking for a mobile gaming deal, you’ve found it with the Humble Mobile Bundle 9.

Humble Mobile Bundle 9