Our overall verdict "Average"

Rotation. is a brand new title released by solo developer Diego Gonzalez, and it features gameplay that is super easy to pick up, but hard to master. The idea behind Rotation. is fairly simple. In the game, you must hold down on the screen to rotate the circle, with the aim to ensure that the ball that is bouncing around within the circle, stays within the circle.

It sounds easy at first, but each time the ball bounces off of the circle, more holes will appear in the shape you are trying to keep the ball within, and it eventually gets to a point where there is less wall to bounce off then there is space for the ball to escape through. It is certainly an interesting concept and I think that a lot of players will really enjoy the easy-to-get-hold of gameplay.

The only problem I have with Rotation. is that it doesn’t have a very decent longevity – for example, once you’ve mastered the rotation of the ball, there isn’t  really much challenge left for the player, and it simply turns into a game of patience and concentration instead of reflexes and reaction speed.

The graphics aren’t entirely impressive, and whilst most games like this share a very simple block color graphic design, a bit more effort could have gone into the appearance and visuals of the 2D graphics. There is an option to mute the sound in the game, but I honestly didn’t notice any sound in the first place.

Rotation. is fun, but only for a little while – it is free though, and there are no in-app purchases, so it’s up to you whether you’d like to give it a go or not.

You can check out Rotation. on the iOS app store here.