If you game, you are probably excited for the Oculus on some level. You probably also own a smartphone which makes you a prime candidate for the Samsung Gear VR. We’ve talking about Sammy’s VR headset in the past, and today we may have learned the Samsung Gear VR release date.

Last month, we talked about the rumored price tag for the Samsung Gear VR headset, and today a sleuth at GforGames spotted information on a “training document” that appears to show the Samsung Gear VR release date as December 1st. This could be the Korean release date, but if they plan on getting it out in time for Christmas, a global rollout will should happen around that time.

In addition to the Samsung Gear VR release date, the documents also show a price and it lines up with the previous leak. If true, you’ll have to shell out around $187 bucks for the Gear VR, and as far as we know, you’ll still have to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use it.

A lot of people are going to have Galaxy Note 4’s this year, and we expect to see some Gear VR/Note bundles pop up around Christmas time. As with any unverified information, you’ll want to take the Samsung Gear VR release date with a grain of salt, but the timeline is right for a holiday release.

via – gforgames   source: clien