Thanks to the beastly hardware within modern day smartphones, many developers have managed to port over some of their older console games to the mobile platform. SEGA has been at the forefront of the mobile port scene, and have ported many different titles onto iOS and Android, including classics like Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet Set Radio.

However, a reddit user by the name of 14578542799953267663 (wow) has recently stumbled across the Jet Set Radio iOS download page only to find that it has been completely removed. A quick Google or App Store search definitely reveals that the game has now been wiped from the App store completely, and whilst players who already own the game can still play it, it looks as if no new sales will be made for the game as of now.


The reason behind the sudden removal of Jet Set Radio has not been mentioned by SEGA, and it certainly seems as if SEGA may have moved it out of the app store as quietly as they can. Interestingly, the game is still available on the Google Play Store, so it’s more than likely that the removal hasn’t had anything to do with licensing or copyright issues.

Whether or not SEGA will put Jet Set Radio back up on the app store is yet to be seen, but I have got in touch with SEGA to see what the deal is. So far there has been no reply.

I’ll keep you updated as more news comes in about this.