Halfbrick Studios has just released a brand new update for their popular fruit slashin’ game, Fruit Ninja – after putting small changes into the game ever since it’s release, this latest update completely revamps everything in the game, and the developers have even dubbed the title of the update ‘Fruit Ninja 2.0.’

If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja in a while, you may want to check the game out again today, because the new major revamp really has changed a lot about how the game works and how players can navigate it whilst playing. A new experience system has been added to the game, and currency can be earned which can then be spent on new powerups.


For the first time, Halfbrick Studios have added elements to Fruit Ninja that give players lifeterm objectives as they play through the game, which means that the primary objective for each player could be different. Whilst one player may be trying to get the best high score, another player could instead be working on getting enough currency to buy a certain powerup.

It’s an interesting new system and it certainly adds depth to the otherwise high-score centric fruit slasher. Because of the new upgrades and powerups, gameplay has completely changed too. For example, some powerups can defuse bombs so that they do not end the game when slashed, whilst others can help players to chain more points.

Ultimately, the new update is really enjoyable, and I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you have enjoyed Fruit Ninja at all in the past.

Like with the previous release of Fruit Ninja, the new 2.0 update is available to players for free, however there is a paid HD version as well. If you are interested in trying out the new Fruit Ninja update, you can download it by clicking here.