Our overall verdict "Average"

Nonstop Basketball Action is a new basketball game that has a very arcade-like feel to it. If you’re a diehard NBA fan, Nonstop Basketball Action may not appeal to you, but if you’re looking for a fun sports game that can be played for a few minutes here and there, then this game may be what you’re looking for.

In Nonstop Basketball action, the gameplay and graphics take a very over-exaggerated appearance – everything is stylized, and the UI is nicely designed. It is a graphics set that I actually quite enjoy, and it fits the nature of Nonstop Basketball Action perfectly.


When it comes to gameplay, Nonstop Basketball Action is perhaps a tad empty – when playing, you must try to get the ball into the opposing teams basket, like every basketball game, but whilst other games excell in creating challenging opponents that stop you from scoring, basketball action has a very odd scoring mechanic.

To score, you simply need to hold down the power button whilst holding the ball, and if you hold it for long enough, your ball will lock onto the hoops and score, every single time. This is a problem because it means there is very little skill involved, and playing Nonstop Basketball Action ends up feeling more like a chore than an actual, fun enjoyable game.


There are missions to work towards in the game to add a bit more depth to things, but these are usually very shallow and simply require you to perform feats like fully charging and shooting five balls or scoring a certain amount of times within a time limit – because of the easy scoring mechanics, there lies no challenge here.


The concept of Nonstop Basketball Action is great, the graphics are friendly, and UI is easy to navigate, but when it comes to actual gameplay, the game is lacking. Whilst Nonstop Basketball Action has a solid base game, the developers will really need to work on creating challenging gameplay before it turns into something players will actively want to play towards.


If you do want to give Nonstop Basketbal Action a try, you can download it here. It is free.