About a week ago, an official Maze Runner game hit Google Play to promote the film. The Maze Runner from AFOLI Games has absolutely nothing to do with the books, but it does involve mazes of sorts. It’s also quite a bit of fun if you dig puzzlers, and here’s what we thought about the game…

the maze runner android

The Maze Runner is a game about a little man trying to escape from a variety of bad guys. The get to the next level, you simply need to grab the key and hit the exit which is easier said than done. If you hit a wall, you’ll turn around and if you run into a ladder you’ll climb it. If a monster hits you, you’re toast – luckily you can rearrange the stage with the flick of a finger.


Each level has a set number of rooms with various entrance points and exits. You have to line them up to provide your hero a clean path to the exit by dragging one room onto another. There are really only two rules to this – you can’t move gray rooms and you can move a room if you or a monster is in it. Things start out fairly simple in The Maze runner, but before long you’ll encounter fire, spikes and various other hazard. There are multiple enemies as well, and some are tougher than others.



By the numbers, The Maze Runner offers up a slew of levels and they’ve all been free thus far. You can go back to replay a previous level, but I have not seen a way to navigate the stages for a full levels count. There are several types of hazard rooms, and five types of monsters. A couple of them won’t harm each other when roaming a level while others will kill anything in their path. You can use this to your advantage and the same goes for the hazards.



AFOLI Games has done a great job with The Maze Runner, and it’s a surprising little puzzler that will keep you occupied for ages. The graphics and overall atmosphere is simple, but very effective and you do get a sense of panic when a Werewolf or Samurai is on your tail. The only downside to the game are the ads of which there are many.

You get assaulted with an ad between every stage and while you can exit them quickly, there is no option to remove them. Hopefully that will change as with an IAP, it’s a cool enough game to warrant a couple of bucks sans ads.

If you like puzzlers and are looking for something different, you can’t go wrong with The Maze Runner. If you want to give it a go, you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

The Maze Runner