If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you will know that Nintendo have been planning their first official iPad bound Pokemon game, and recent news reveals that the Pokemon trading card game has now soft launched in Canada.

Whilst the new game by Nintendo may not appeal to the same fans that the original franchise has managed to captivate since the era of the Gameboy, the new Pokemon trading card game will certainly provide some appeal to fans that enjoy the strategy involved with each and every Pokemon battle.

The Pokemon trading card game has always been a beast in itself, and whilst many fans simply collected the cards, there has been a loyal following, with world championships, for many years, and Nintendo’s recent attempts to compete in the digital space have clearly given them little results.


Fortunately for us, this means Nintendo are trying even harder to bring the Pokemon trading card game experience to the rest of the world, and their first plan for this is to release the new iPad TCG.

Like mentioned before, the game is now in the Canadian app store, which suggests that it will not be very long at all until it is released globally. Honestly, I expect we’ll see a full release of the Pokemon trading card game by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, the game is only compatible with iPads, and details on an Android release have not yet been revealed. I’ll definitely be taking a look at the game once it has released though.

What are your thoughts on the¬†Pokemon TCG? Do you feel there is enough space within the app store for yet another card game, or do you think Nintendo won’t stand a chance in the vast open ocean that is the mobile app market?