Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Indie developer Smashed Crab Studio has just released a new game, and despite sharing the same name as a great carnage fueled racer, Flat Out for iOS is in fact a fun, mind challenging arcade game. In Flat Out, players must match colored tiles to earn points and recover lost fuel, the game gets you thinking quick and acting quicker, and as you progress through the game, small mistakes and slow thinking will be your biggest enemies.

When I first started playing Flat Out I couldn’t possibly see how the game could be very challenging – you start the game by going through the tutorial, and the developers have done a good job at explaining exactly what it is you need to do – you need to draw a line across the circles on-screen to create shapes – once a shape is created, you’ll be moved onto the next level and points will be rewarded. As you can see from the picture below, the tutorial makes it look like a piece of pie.

That, however, is not the case. As soon as you start up the main game, you’ll realize that Flat Out is all about smartly manouvering between different colored tiles to create the largest shape possible within the shortest time frame possible. The catch here is that your shapes will only count if all connected dots are the same color, and the longer your spend trying to find the best possible shape within a level, the quicker your fuel will deplete.

Fuel is a resource that will consistently deplete, but as you progress, the speed of which it depletes increases, you need to be very nimble-handed to stand a chance at getting through stages. Even the easy stage is quite a challenge, and there are medium and hard stages to follow.

Flat Out is completely free, however there are in-app banners at the top of the screen, but fortunately these do not interrupt gameplay in any way. You can download Flat Out for yourself here.