Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Happymagenta, the development team behind Foodie Yama have just released a brand new game called Fist of Fury: it’s a cool rhythm based game that has a kickin’ cool martial arts theme to it. It’s an interesting game that follows the quick paced nature of games like Flappy Bird.

The gameplay in Fist of Fury is pretty simple – ninjas will walk towards you from four different directions, and you must swipe in the corresponding direction to knock the ninja out of the way with a swift kick to the face. The game is filled with bright, colorful graphics that keep things fun and entertaining.

As you continue to play, the speed that ninjas appear on-screen increases, and it becomes more and more difficult to successfully hit the ninjas off-screen in time. Fist of Fury is certainly a game that gets you thinking, but it’s something you can pick up at any point in the day and play for a couple minutes, which is what makes it so appealing.

Whilst it’s easy to assume that the concept of Fist of Fury would become boring after playing through it a few times, like many similar arcade games it is surprisingly addictive, and you’ll often find yourself coming back for more.

To increase the longetivity of the game, Happymagenta have included a set of different characters that can be unlocked by completing certain challenges in-game – this can add a bit more of an objective towards the game. The inclusion of unlockables is a step taken by Happymagenta that help to define Fist of Fury as a new, exciting game within the new format many developers have come to adopt.

If you’re feeling like aspiring to be a virtual Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee,  you can also work your way up the online leaderboards that Happymagenta have provided in-game. Overall, I have really enjoyed Fist of Fury, and there’s enough depth within the game to keep you playing indefinitely.

Fist of Fury is free, however it does come with in-app purchases to allow players to buy extra characters.