Cartoon Network has cranked out a lot of mobile games this year, and while most are ports of their browser games, we’re always happy to see a new one arrive. This week we’re taking a trip to the land of Ooo with Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time.

If you’ve played Apple Fetch on CN’s official site, you’ve basically played Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time. That’s not a bad thing – especially if you like the game Snake. If you’re a fan of the show you already know who’s going to play the ever-growing snake.

Finn rides Jake through the levels and the more Apples you eat, the longer you’ll grow. As it’s an Adventure Time game, there is plenty of weirdness like Watermelon swords and portals that let you warp through your own body. There are also 75 levels set across three kingdoms so you’ll stay busy for a while.


We haven’t played Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time, but if it’s anything like the previous games you can expect a polished title that is closely tied into the show. It’ll set you back $2.99, but you’ll probably want to pick it up if you’re a fan of Adventure Time or just really enjoy Snake.

Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time