Our overall verdict "Good"

Sudoku is one of the most well known games worldwide, and Pirate Ring, a new iOS game, tries to capture the puzzling elements of Sudoku and bring it to a more modernized environment. The result? A complicated strategy game that looks simple at first, but really involves tactical thinking and planning moves ahead of time.


If you’re a fan of challenging strategy games, then Pirate Ring is certainly for you – it will take a while to get used to, because the concept is fairly new, but with practice you’l start to learn where the strategy comes in, and it becomes a really great experience that fans of age old games like chess and Sudoku will really enjoy.

The aim of Pirate Ring is to try and collect more numbers on the board than the opposing player – you can only move one space a turn, and once you have received more numbers than the other player, you must return to the center of the board to beat the other player. Things become difficult as numbers can drastically change before you get the chance to move back to the center, and holding enough numbers to beat the player in the first place can be challenging enough.


Pirate Ring also has a set of achievements and goals that can be worked towards to make completing a number of games feel a bit more rewarding, which I think helps to ease our easily dissatisfied 21st century minds.

If you prefer easy-to-grasp puzzlers that have simple concepts then I’d suggest Pirate Ring isn’t for you, but if you like pushing your wits to their boundaries with strategic thinking, Pirate Ring may possibly be a better alternative to many great strategy games that have been played for decades.


The great thing about Pirate Ring is that it works as a fun turn based two player game, and passing your iOS device between you and another player can be a great way to pass the time.

The graphics in Pirate Ring are pretty decent, and it certainly looks and feels nice to play. To top it all off, the game has just gone free – it can be downloaded here.