Golf games are a great fit for mobiles, and some are much better than others. That said, some are just downright strange, and that’s the case with Desert Golfing from Captain Games.

Desert Golfing is golf stripped down to the bare minimum. There are no opponents to play against, and no clubhouse to purchase new clubs or gear. There aren’t any coins to earn, and if you’re thinking you can change clubs… you thought wrong. You can’t really do anything in Desert Golfing aside from whacking the golf ball, and you do that with the classic drag ‘n pull mechanic. It’s simply, but extremely damned frustrating at the same time. You are playing in the desert after all…

desert golfing

Sand is your only enemy in Desert Golfing as the ball won’t roll and everything is one big sandpit. As a whole, it’s not the toughest game around, but some holes will definitely challenge you. Thankfully, there’s no stroke limit. There are also no extras of any kind in Desert Golfing, you can’t back out to the menu because there isn’t one and there are no high score tables of any kind. The game does keep track of your score, but I’m still not sure why.


As for the courses, Desert Golfing is just one big course. When you sink a ball, the cup will come up to ground level while the screen scrolls to the next hole – rinse and repeat. There could be hundreds of levels or thousands to be honest, there’s really no way to tell. The developers didn’t mention the level count, but they did leave a nice poem of sorts in place of the game’s description.

To see a world in a bunker of sand

And a heaven in a wild cactus,

Hold infinity in the pocket of your shorts,

And eternity in Desert Golfing.


It’s safe to say that Desert Golfing is not your typical Golf game, and it’s a little “out there” like the rest of the developers catalog which includes quirky titles like Realistic Summer Sports and Enviro-Bear 2010. That’s not a bad thing though, as it’s a great little time waster if you dig physics-based golf. Just don’t expect any extras, menus or sound effects. Desert Golfing can be yours for the low price of $0.99 if you want to give it a whirl.

Desert Golfing