Being a gamer myself, I enjoy browsing places like N4G and Reddit for news about happenings in the gaming industry, and I know thousands of others like myself are interested in doing so too. And whilst the aforementioned platforms do offer a lot of great content, it is all user submitted, and this means sometimes regular users miss out on some of the best gaming content out there.

However, a brand new app which has been dubbed the Ultimate Personalized Gaming Network seeks to make things different by providing content automatically to users of the app. According to the app’s developer, Stephen Wright, the app will use bots to scour the internet for all of the best gaming content and automatically show it to a user as they are navigating the app.

In essence, it sounds as if the Ultimate Personalized Gaming Network, or Ultimate for short, is set to be the next Flipboard for gamers, and if developed right, it could prove to be a great new content portal.

Whilst bots are being designed to find content for users, the Ultimate app is also being designed to focus around the community aspect that places like N4G and Reddit manage to capture – users will be able to rate content, comment on submissions and interact in a similar level to many other community websites available on the web.

I personally think the Ultimate app could be a nice mobile-friendly addition to the gaming industry, and I would quite like it to succeed. However, the developers of the Ultimate app are seeking $12,000 via Kickstarter, and with just $482 so far and only twelve days to go, it’ll be interesting to see whether the project gains enough traction. You can learn more about the Ultimate app here.

What are your thoughts on the ideas behind the Ultimate app?