If you’re a fan of god games then you may want to have a read through my top iOS god games post where I review and share my favorite currently released iOS games. However, if none of the games on the list take your fancy, you might want to mark your calenders for Biome, a brand new iOS god game coming to iPhone and iPad in 2015.

In Biome, you are given a chunk of land that you can do with as  you please. Whether you interact with the biome regularly by prodding or moving the screen, or simply leave it to it’s own devices, your biome will evolve over time and become something entirely unique each time round.


Biome sounds more like a creative experience than an actual game, and there is no objectives or goals within the app – instead, players are simply given something to play with that can be adapted over time. The developers of Biome have stated that the game can act like a “digital snowglobe,” suggesting that players may want to put their phone on display in their living room or other places in the house.

Taking this approach, I think Biome could be an interesting app worth taking a look at, but as an actual game, it is somewhat lacking, and compared to other iOS god games available, it’s definitely not so appealing.


Whilst a full release date has not yet been revealed, Biome is set for release at some point in 2015, and should be available for both iPhone and iPad for just $0.99. I will keep you updated as more information from the studio, Knick Knack, is revealed.

Below, the teaser trailer for Biome can be seen – I think it aptly describes what the app is capable of. After watching, feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section.