Our overall verdict "Excellent"

We used to make jokes about Endless Running games when Temple Run arrived and brought an army full of clones along with it. Things have slowed down somewhat since then, but we still see a couple of solid runners a month. Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited is one such title, and we’re here to give you the scoop on Spidey’s latest adventure.

Spider-Man Unlimited is an endless runner that takes place in the comic book worlds of Spider-2Man Unlimited. This means you’ll see several different Spidey’s and a slew full of familiar characters including the new and improved Sinister Six. The style of the game is also unique as Gameloft went the cell-shaded route, and we’re glad they did. The game looks great and it should run well on devices new and old.

The controls, they’re exactly what you’d expect from a runner. This means you’ll swipe down to slide, up to jump and tap to attack whenever you hit a boss battles. As it’s our favorite webhead, you’ll also get to sling a few webs and glide through the air with a tap/hold mechanic. Some stages will also require to you crawl up or slide down buildings. Overall, Gameloft did a great job of mixing things up and there’s even a couple of different modes to play through.

Spider-Man Unlimited lets you get your Spidey on in Endless or Story Mode; both are self-explanatory. There’s even an element of CCG’s thrown in as you can call in Spider-Men from different dimensions and level up or evolve their cards. The meat of the game (story mode) is broken down into issues just like a comic, and the first pits you against the Green Goblin while the second  has you take on The Vulture. Kraven and the rest of the gang should show up in a future update.spider.man-unlimited

Spider-Man unlimited is a Spider-Man aficionados wet dream as it lets you step into many different suits. Whether you’re a fan of the 3Scarlet Spider or Noir Spidey, they’ve got you covered and there are around 22 different getups available at the time of this writing. Some are bought with vials while other are purchased with ISO-8, the game’s form of premium currency. As you’d expect, the Rare’s are premium, but they aren’t too pricey and you do get chances to earn ISO-8 in the game.

Now for the bad part… the dreaded stamina gauge. While Gameloft took it easy with the IAP’s, they threw in an energy gauge that only gives you 5 runs before you have to take a 10-minute break. There’s no top-off when you level up, and there’s basically no way around it unless you want to pay to play. It’s not uncommon, but it hits you a little harder in Spider-Man Unlimited as it’s a solid game and nobody wants to wait.

Gameloft almost pulled off the perfect runner with Spider-Man Unlimited as it’s rock solid from a fanboy standpoint and the gameplay offers up a bit more than your typical runner. As mentioned, the only downside is with the stamina gauge. It’s a nuisance, but necessary in a sense as you’d blow through the game quickly it wasn’t there. Spider-Man Unlimited is well worth your time if you’re a webhead or just dig endless runners, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Spider-Man Unlimited