The enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate has been on iOS for a while now, but since it’s release, it has been made exclusive to iPad. Thanks to the new 1.3 patch though, players will finally be able to play Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on their iPhone, as the developers have now added support for the device.

As well as adding iPhone support, the 1.3 patch for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition makes quite a few changes to the game, along with bringing in a range of bug fixes. The interface for tablets has also been improved, which was certainly a much needed feature since the game was released, however the iPhone interface for Baldur’s Gate is a little difficult to use whilst playing, due to the fact that so much has been compacted into such a small space. Players will now be able to change the font size as an added bonus to the interface change.

Color changes have been made to Drizzt, and he’s also received his scimitars that so rightfully belong to him; these two changes make sure Drizzt looks more like he originally did when Baldur’s Gate first was released, which I’m sure a lot of fans will be happy about.

Interestingly, the developers who worked on Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition are now working on releasing a patch for Baldur’s Gate 2 that will also offer iPhone support, however we’re not sure how long it will take them to complete this patch, especially considering it took them so long to get iPhone support out for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

If you’re interested in trying out the newly iPhone ready Baldur’s Gate, you can pick it up from the iOS app store for $9.99  – a bit pricy, yes, but it’s a classic, and it’s not filled with any of that mobile-era monetization nonsense we see too much today.