Spider-Man 2 has been gone from theaters for quite some time, and back in the summer we learned of a new mobile Spidey game by the name of Spider-Man Unlimited. The game has finally rolled out, and it’s a cool looking endless runner that Spidey fans should enjoy.spider.man.unlimited-2

Spider-Man Unlimited puts you to work chasing down the new Sinister Six who are bound and determined to destroy the Earth thanks to a dimensional portal. You’ll have to track them all down, and you’ll get some help from several different versions of yourself along the way.

As Spider-Man Unlimited is an “endless” game of sorts, you can expect plenty of swiping on the screen to jump, dodge and swing past your opponents. There’s some combat involved, and there’s a lengthy story mode as well that’s broken down into issues full of Boss Battles and missions. The game will feature special events and you’ll also see some familiar faces as you swing through NYC.

The game takes on 50 years of Spider-Man and a few characters mentioned include the Black Cat, Nick Fury and Mary Jane of course. Some of the Spider-Men involved will be instantly recognizable to true comic buffs as you’ll get to play with the Scarlett Spider, Cosmic Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir just to name a few. As it’s a freemium game, you can expect a lot of unlockables across the board including those characters we mentioned above.unlimited.spider.man-3

While we haven’t spent much time with Spider-Man unlimited, we certainly like what we’ve seen thus far. The cell-shaded look of the game works well, and the controls have been spot on. It’s not like it’s a complicated game to learn either – it’s an endless runner after all. If you want to take Spider-Man Unlimited for a spin, you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Spider-Man Unlimited