Our overall verdict "Excellent"


How hard can it be to memorize just one color? In Shades, a brand new game by indie developer Nigel Brady, it turns out it can actually be quite difficult. Shades, A Game of Colors is a memory puzzle game that requires you to be vigilant and keep your eyes peeled – as the game advances, trying to differentiate the original tile from the crowd of others becomes more and more difficult.

The concept of Shades is simple Рyou are given ten seconds to memorize a colored tile. After your ten seconds are up, you must tap on the colored tile you memorized alongside three other tiles. Once you have picked the right color, the number of tiles will multiply, and as more shades of the same color you memorized start to come in, the harder it will be to pick out the right tile.

Unfortunately, if you are color blind, Shades may be impossible for you to play; even with no issue with colors I sometimes find it hard to differentiate my memorized tile with the other tiles in the game, and whilst there is a clear difference between each tile, it’s easy for your brain to mistake one shade for the original tile.

As you increase your score and build more tiles onto the screen, you’ll constantly be doubting yourself. “Is this the color I memorized?” Is a question that will cross your mind often, and it’s often answered with nothing but confusion.

Whilst Shades is in essence a memory game, it’s like no other memory game you’ve played before – it’s usually quite easy to memorize a pattern or certain set of objects, but trying to memorize a shade of green among many other similar shades of green takes a different type of concentration.

The music in Shades: A Game of Colors is relaxing and the gameplay itself is far from frustrating, so it might prove to be a great game to play on a Sunday morning along with a cup of coffee.

You can grab Shades for free on the iOS store here.