Last week we told you about Samsung’s new virtual reality gadget called the Samsung Gear VR. We weren’t sure what the price would be, but the cat’s been let out of the bag today and we know the Gear VR will set you back $200.

The rumored price of the Samsung Gear VR looks to be dead on the money as a Samsung rep confirmed the price to VentureBeat at New York Fashion Week. As you’d expect, Samsung has remained mute, but it’s about what we expected. While $200 bucks may not sound bad, you have to consider that you’ll need the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to make use of the headset.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the price of the Note 4 yet, but it’s expected to be around $300 or more which dramatically increases the price of the VR Gear. There’s been no word on if it will work with other devices either, so you may have to own the Note 4. The early reviews of the Samsung Gear VR are largely positive, but that could change as they’re not coming from consumers at this point.

We’ve seen a lot of gadgets fail due to price, and a lot of gamers might not be willing to shell out $400-500 bucks for the Gear VR when they can get an Oculus Rift for around the same price. Lest we forget, the Project Morpheus is waiting in the wings as well. If Samsung can put out an adapter kit for the Gear VR, it could prove to be a very popular gadget to have under the tree this year. If it’s limited to the Note 4, you may see it fail rather quickly unless it’s bundled at a steep discount with Sammy’s new handset.

Would you be interested in the Samsung Gear VR it works with phones other than the new Note 4?