Whilst the Little Big Planet IP has previously been exclusive to PlayStation consoles, Sony have just announced a brand new mobile based game that will be making it’s way to both the PS Vita and mobile devices this year. The game has been dubbed Run Sackboy! Run! and as the name suggests, the Little Big Planet mobile game will be an endless runner similar to Rayman Jungle Run or Jetpack Joy Ride.

In Run Sackboy! Run! Players will take control of Sackboy as they run through three different environments that have featured in the original PlayStation franchise. These environments will be The Gardens, The Canyons and Avalonia. Whilst running, players will be able to collect bubbles and then spend their earned bubbles on new upgrades and cosmetic changes to Sackboy. The cosmetic changes will award players with an in-game multiplayer for improving score, and the upgrades will improve the stats for in-game mechanics such as the jetpack and magnet power ups.

The whole concept has been done time and time again, so there really isn’t anything all that exciting about Run Sackboy! Run! besides from the fact that the game is based on the popular Little Big Planet IP.

One change that may make things more interesting is the included missions available – this will include things such as running a certain distance, using a power up for a certain amount of time, or doing other challenges within each environment, similarly to the challenges in Jetpack Joy Ride.

You’ll also be able to collect stickers in-game which can later be used to trade in for extra costumes for Little Big Planet 3 once it has released. What are your thoughts on Run Sackboy! Run? Do you see yourself playing the game, or are you fed up with the endless runner concept already?

Run! Sackboy Run! will be a free to play title and is scheduled for release on PS Vita and mobile devices this October.