Our overall verdict "Good"

If you’re into game shows, you’ve probably heard of Wipeout – it’s pretty popular. Last year Activision dropped an official Wipeout mobile game and last week they followed up with a sequel called Wipeout 2. As fans of the original, we felt it was our duty to give the new game a go, and after spending some time getting smacked around by various objects, we’re back with our Wipeout 2 Android review.

wipeout 2

Wipeout 2 is plays a bit like a platformer as the only controls you’ll need to know is forward, backwards, jump and slide. You simply need to make it to the finish line on each course as quickly as possible, and it’s much easier said than done. Each course presents a new set of challenges, and they get progressively harder as you go. Thus far I’ve experienced all sorts of hazards from lunging mechanical sharks and rotating anchors to the dreaded Big Balls.


As mentioned, you simply need to get to the end of the course before the clock runs out to finish, but the goal is to shoot for the quickest time. You’re also going against a (ghost) opponent and receive a bonus if you can beat them. Wipeout 2 is a social game as well, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play against people on Facebook if you want to challenge your buddies.

By the numbers, Wipeout 2 has 135 levels, 10 unlockable characters, and a “Course of the Day” feature. There are around 150 themed obstacles to avoid, and as it’s a freemium game, there are plenty of power-ups available to get you through the tricky parts. Wipeout 2 is a freemium game this time around, so you can expect a dose of IAP’s. You won’t need to purchase them to play, but they certainly help in a pinch.wipeout-2

Our Wipeout 2 Android review is one of the tougher ones we have had to score. It’s a blast to play, and just as good or better than the original. The IAP’s haven’t gotten in the way (yet), and there’s a boatload of courses to run through. The controls can be tricky at times though, and that can be a major issue in a game where you need to stop on a dime or move past a swinging or spinning object quickly. For what it’s worth, I didn’t have any trouble on my handset, but played on a friends device and the controls were a bit sticky.

If you enjoyed the original or just dig the show Wipeout 2 is a game you’ll want to check out, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play if you want to give it a go.